SMB News - March 2023

Another quarter has passed and another tranche of updated functionality has been added to the SMB platform. We continue to listen to all our clients and partners to help make SMB the greatest and most powerful HR platform for any small to medium sized business. Here's a quick rundown of the changes made this week:


Training Custom Fields

In the same way as absence and sickness, you can now add your own custom fields to training requests and training records, extending the flexibility of this part of the system. You'll find this new option in Administration > Training Custom Fields where you can add dynamic fields to the training structure.


Enhanced Custom Reporting

We've made custom reporting a little simpler based on feedback from clients and removed the old "Include ex-employees" option when running a custom report  You can now simply choose to only include employees who were active on the report date, or report on all records regardless of the employment status of the employee.


Easier Permission Settings

To enhance the flexibility of permissions, we have removed the requirement for an admin user to have specific access to a section of an employee's record before they are able to approve requests. You can now give approval permissions of any type to an admin user whether they have access to the relevant employee record, meaning that a training manager who has access to all employee training records can now approve absence requests for their own team or line management structure without the need to give them access to all absence information. Added to the ability to specify the approvers for an individual employee using the "Manage Approvers" button on the employee's dashboard, this gives any organisation the flexibility they need to structure approvals.


Archiving of records

We know that companies change and grow but up until now you haven't been able to remove certain records from the system if they had been used in employee records. This was to ensure that any historic reporting remained intact. You can now archive records that you no longer wish to use, such as old company locations, departments and appraisal document templates so that they are hidden from use, but still available in employee records. 


We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to more of your fantastic ideas and feedback!

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