SMB News - November 2022

We’ve been busy over the last few months making SMB even better than ever, with a number of performance and functional enhancements across the platform. Here’s what you can expect to see when you login to SMB today.

Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication

Customers have told us that they would like to make Two-Factor Authentication mandatory across some or all employees. We’ve added controls to the “Password/Captcha” settings page in the Administration section where you can specify whether employees, approvers and/or admin users must use an Authenticator app to access their account. Any user who doesn’t have this feature enabled will be prompted to set this up on their next login.

Improved Approval Settings

SMB has always had a powerful and flexible permissions module allowing clients to define a wide range of roles in the system, but customers have told us that sometimes they would simply like to be able to change the approvers for a specific employee in a simpler way. So, we’ve added the Manage Approvers page to the employee’s record, where an admin user can specify exactly who they want to be approvers for a given employee without needing to edit any permissions. To check this new functionality out, click on the “Manage Approvers” button on any employee’s dashboard.

Improved Navigation Between Employees

To make life easier when working with multiple employees, we’ve added a “Switch” box to the top of the page when viewing an employee. This allows you to jump seamlessly from one employee to another without needing to return to the menu. Looking at the salary information for an employee and want to check the salary info for a different employee quickly? Just select them from the “Switch” box at the top of the page to switch instantly to the other employee.

New Import Tools

We’ve extended the import functionality within SMB allowing for bulk upload of absence records – perfect when setting up a new SMB environment, as well as bulk updating of employee allocations.

In other news, we’re moving!

SMB is moving from our datacentre within Fasthosts to the Microsoft Azure cloud. This exciting upgrade brings performance and security updates to SMB, with greater flexibility to expand as we grow. In line with our current privacy policy, all data will continue to be held in the UK.

In line with this, we have updated our Privacy Policy to cover this and will begin migrating documents and data to Azure in the coming weeks. There may be a brief period of downtime while the migration is completed as it can take up to 24 hours for the domain change to be reflected by all ISPs. To minimise any disruption, the switchover is planned to take place on a weekend in early December, and we will provide plenty of notice of any expected interruption to service.

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