How do I import changes or adjustments to employee’s allocation?

SMB provides a simple tool to allow bulk direct changes to employee’s allocations to be imported from a spreadsheet. This function allows for changes to the “Manual Adjustment” field of an employee’s allocation to be updated, resulting in a direct change to the employee’s allocation.

To begin the process, first click on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then select the “Bulk Import Allocation Adjustments” option from the “Absence/Sickness Administration” Panel.

On the page shown, click on the “Download Current Records” button at the top of the page to download a spreadsheet containing the current adjustment values for all employees. Open the spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets and populate the changes in either column E (Increase By) or F (Set To). In column E, enter the amount you want to change the current adjustment by, as either a negative value (to reduce the current adjustment by that value) or a positive value (to increase the current adjustment by that value). If populating column F, simply enter the amount you wish to set the value to.

Once you have made the changes required, save the document and return to the “Bulk Import Allocation Adjustments” page in SMB and use the “Document” field to select and upload the updated file and then click the “Upload File and Process” button to start the import process. . At this point SMB will check the spreadsheet for any errors (such as invalid dates or employee names spelt incorrectly). If any errors are found, SMB will identify the rows where these were found and the import process will stop, otherwise you will be told how many records are going to be imported. At this step you can click the button shown to complete the import process.

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