How do I add an alert for an employee?

SMB generates a number of automatic alerts for employee actions, such as reminders of documents expiring or training needing to be retaken. However, there may be times when you want to create bespoke alerts for individual employees. This can be done from the employee's dashboard.

To create a new alert, navigate to the employee you want to raise the alert against from the "Employees" option on the main menu then, on the dashboard, click on the "Add Task" button in the "Tasks and Alerts" panel.

When the "Add Task" page is shown, give the alert a title - this is the text that will be shown in the alert and change the "Type" dropdown to "Alert". When the page updates, enter the date for the alert in the "Start Date" field and select the user to assign the alert to in the "Assigned To" dropdown list. Finally, click the "Add" button to create the alert. 

Once created, the alert will be raised on the date entered and will show in the "My Alerts" page for the selected user.


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