How do I manually set an employee's holiday allocation?

SMB contains a very powerful and flexible holiday allocation management tool which can automatically calculate holiday allocations for employees in a wide variety of circumstances. However, there may be times where you wish to specify the amount of allocation an employee has outside of the standard allocation calculations. This is very simple to do.

To set the allocation for an employee manually, first navigate to the employee's record from the "Employees" option on the main menu and click on the "View/Edit Allocation" button on the employee's dashboard.

When the "Edit Allocation" page is shown, change the "Calculation Method" dropdown from "Automatically Calculate Allocation" to the most appropriate of the following two options:

  • "Set Bookable Allocation Only": Selecting this option will allow you to specify the total bookable allocation for the employee and will disregard any bank holiday calculations
  • "Set Bookable and Bank Holiday per Working Hour Pattern": Selecting this option allows you to set the amount of bookable and bank holiday time that should be assigned to the employee for each working hour pattern they are assigned to during the selected holiday period.

Once you have selected the method you require, additional fields will be displayed where you can enter the amounts you wish to specify for the employee. Clicking on the "Update" button will store the changes.

Note: If the allocation is set manually, then for the selected period any impact from the Allocation Schedule assigned to the employee will not apply for this period.


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