How do I add a new version of an existing company policy?

There may be times when working with Policies that you want to update an existing document with a new version, for example an updated Workplace Fire or Safety Policy, which you then wish to reissue for signatures.

Each policy uploaded to SMB is stored with its own history of signatures, so simply replacing the existing document won't affect the list of employees who have signed the document, so those users won't be asked to re-sign the new version.

To update an existing policy, the first step is to disable the existing document. To do this, go to "Administration" on the main menu, then select "Policies/Documents". Navigate to the current version of the policy and click on the "Edit" button. When the "Edit Policy" form is shown, uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox and click the "Update" button at the bottom of the form. This will hide the current document from all employees.

The next step is to create a new policy with the updated document as detailed in this article. This will leave you with two versions of the document - one active and visible to employees and one archived with a full signature history. 

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