How do I assign an appraisal to multiple employees?

There may be points where you wish to create appraisal records for multiple employees at the same time. While you can work through each employee in turn and add appraisals manually, SMB allows for appraisal records and forms to be created and assigned in bulk to multiple employees at the same time.

To do this, select the “Administration” option on the main menu, then click on the “Bulk Assign Appraisals” option in the “Performance Administration” panel.

On the form shown, start by selecting the employees you wish to raise appraisals for – this can be done by either selecting the individual employees or, by changing the “Select mode” dropdown option to “Select by group”, you can assign to all employees in a given team, location or department.

The next step is to setup the appraisal record itself in the “Appraisal Details” panel. Enter a title for the appraisal, select the type of appraisal, the date the appraisal is due and the current status of the new appraisal. If you wish the appraisal records to be visible only to you and not other admin users, check the “Limit access” checkbox.

The final step is to assign the form or document you wish to send to employees. Give the form a title and provide any instruction you want to send to each employee, then select the form or document template you wish to use and the date you want to receive a completed response by.

Note: Due to the nature of appraisals, only single-stage appraisal forms can be sent in bulk to employees. Appraisal templates with multiple stages are not shown in the template list.

Finally, click the “Bulk Assign Appraisals” button at the bottom of the form to create the appraisals. All affected employees will be notified by email and via their “My Alerts” section instantly.

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