How do I change the length of a holiday period?

There may be times where you need to change the length of a standard holiday year - most typically when you are looking to change the end date of the company holiday year to a different date.

To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Click on the "Administration" option on the main menu
  • From the "Administration" menu page, select "Holiday Periods", then click on the "View Periods" button for the schedule you wish to adjust
  • When the list of defined holiday years is shown you can either:
    • Add a new holiday period by selecting the "Add a New Holiday Period" button or
    • Edit the latest holiday period entry by clicking the "Edit" button alongside it.

In either case, to adjust the holiday year so it runs less than 12 months, simply change the end date of the year in the dialog box shown and submit the form.

Once the new period is created, or the existing period adjusted, all holiday allocations for the year will be recalculated, pro-rating the full-year allocation in line with the length of the holiday period.

Important: SMB cannot have a holiday year longer than 12 months. So if you are looking to change a holiday year end date, you may need to create a shorter holiday year in order to enable this. For example, if you current holiday year runs from January to December and you are looking to change this to a holiday year running from April to March, you will need to create a single shortened year that runs from January to March. Any holiday years after that point will then run from April to March.


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