Timesheet Overtime Alerts

Timesheet alerts can be setup in SMB to let selected admin users know when an employee or admin has recorded timesheets in excess of scheduled working time. For example, letting a central administrator know that a given employee has recorded more than 4 hours overtime in a given week.


To setup a new alert, go to the “Administration” option on the main menu, then select the “Timesheet Overtime Alerts” option on the Administration menu page. When the list of current alerts is shown, click on the “Add New Alert” link at the top of the page to open the Add Alert page.

On the form shown, start by giving the new alert a short title. This is the title that will be shown on any alerts raised in the system, so make sure the title is clear and self- explanatory.

Next, choose the period you wish to track. This can be by calendar week, by calendar month or a rolling number of days. If selecting the “Calendar Week” option, you can also set the day of the week you want to start tracking from (Sunday to Saturday, Monday to Sunday etc). If selecting a rolling period, enter the number of days you want to track and the system will monitor the entered number of days backwards from the date of the timesheet entry.

Next, enter the amount of hours overtime that should trigger the alert.

Finally, you can select who the alerts should be sent to. If you wish the alerts to be raised for any admin or approver users who currently approve timesheet requests for an employee, check the “Notify Approvers” checkbox. Optionally you can also select global admin users to receive the alerts.

If you want to activate the alert immediately, check the “Is Active” checkbox.

Finally, click on the “Add Alert” button to create the new alert.


To edit an existing alert, simply click on the “Edit” button on the “Manage Overtime Alerts” page and update the details as required, or click on the “Delete” button to remove the alert from the system.

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