How can I bulk update multiple salary records?

If you are required to update a number of salary records at the same time – for example, during a company pay review – SMB provides a simple tool to update the records of multiple employees using a simple spreadsheet.

To get started, first click on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then click on the “Bulk Update Salaries” link in the “Employee Information” panel.

On the page shown, click on the “Download Current Records” button to extract a spreadsheet of current employee salary records. Open this file in Excel or other spreadsheet editing tool to update the information.

Important: The format of the spreadsheet is predefined – do not remove the header row or any of the individual columns. If the spreadsheet contains records that you do not want to update, you can safely delete those employee rows from the spreadsheet, ensuring you do not leave any empty gaps in the data. The import tool will stop importing once it reaches an empty row.

With the spreadsheet open, enter the new salary information in columns H to L as explained on the “Bulk Salary Update” page. Once complete, use the “Select” button to upload the file back to SMB and click on the “Upload File and Process” button to continue.

SMB will then check the contents of the spreadsheet and alert you to any possible issues or, if all is set correctly, you will be told how many records are going to be updated. Click on the “Complete Import” button to finalise the process.

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