How do I remove Two-Factor Authentication from an employee?

If an employee has setup their account to used Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and is unable to log in because they are unable to access their app (if their phone has changed, for example), an admin user must remove the 2FA settings from their account. Once cleared, the user can then re-enrol for 2FA with their new device.

To remove the 2FA settings, simply go to the employee’s record from the “Employees” option on the main menu and click on the “Remove 2FA” button in their “Employee Details” pod on their dashboard, and confirm the removal on the next screen. The employee is now able to log in with their username and password, and won’t be prompted for the 2FA key.

Note: If the “Remove 2FA” button is not showing on the dashboard, this simply means that the employee has not setup 2FA on their account.

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