How do I setup required fields for the recruitment application form?

By default, certain fields are required by applicants when completing an application form for a published vacancy. However, if you require other fields to be mandatory, such as custom fields you have added to the system, you can manage these options in the Administration area.

First click on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then click on the “Job Post Required Fields” option in the “Recruitment Administration” pod. This will present a full list of the available fields for applicants. Simply check the boxes for those you wish to make mandatory and click the “Save Settings” button to make those fields active.

These settings are global for all published job postings. However, if you have made a field mandatory which is not included on a particular job posting, then this won’t impact the applicant’s ability to complete the form. If the field is not included on a form, it isn’t treated as a mandatory field.

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