How Do I Manage Training Locations?

Each training record in SMB can be recorded with a location, to help identify whether staff members on training are onsite, offsite or taking an online course. You can extend this list of options if you have other training facilities or locations that you wish to be able to report on or filter by.

To add a new training location, first click on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then click on the “Training Locations” link in the “Lookup Lists” panel.

When the table of current locations is shown, click on the “Add A New Training Location” link at the top of the page, and enter the name of the new location in the dialog box shown, then click the “Add Location” button to create the new location.

To edit an existing location, click on the “Edit” button alongside its name and update the location title, or to delete a location, click on the “Delete” button and confirm the action in the confirmation dialog box shown.

Note: If the location has been used in existing training records, it cannot be deleted. This is to ensure data integrity for historic records.

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