Competency Frameworks Required Levels

Once you have created your competency frameworks, SMB allows you to define the required achievement levels for each competency, both globally for all employees who have the framework assigned to them and individually per employee.

Setting Required Levels For The Framework

To view or assign the required levels for a competency framework, first select the Administration option on the main menu, then click on the Manage Competency Frameworks option to view the list of frameworks. 

Next, click on the Competencies button for the framework you wish to update and finally click on the Required Levels button at the top of the list of frameworks.

This will display a grid of competencies and levels where you can select the levels you wish employees to reach for the framework, before clicking the Update Levels button to save the changes

Setting Required Levels For An Employee

You may also set the required levels by an individual employee. To do this, go to their record from the Employees option on the main menu, and navigate to the framework by selecting the Performance option from the large employee menu, then selecting the View Competencies link at the top of the page.

When the list of frameworks assigned to the employee is shown, click on the Required Levels button. You are then shown a grid of competencies and levels from which you can amend the required levels as needed. Clicking the Update Requirements button stores the changes for the employee while clicking on the Reset to Defaults button removes any employee specific changes and restores the required levels to those set against the overall framework.



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