Applicant Protected Fields

As part of the SMB recruitment process, there may be times that you wish users to have access to only part of applicant records – for example, protecting the view of sensitive information such as gender or ethnicity. To help with this, SMB allows you designate fields within the applicant record as Protected, meaning only those users with rights to access those fields can view or edit that information.

To select which fields are protected, select “Administration” from the main menu, then select the “Applicant Protected Fields” option in the “Recruitment Administration” panel.

On the form, shown, select the fields – including any custom fields you have created – that you wish to mark as Protected and click the “Save Changes” button to store the changes.

Once your fields have been set, you can select which administrators are able to view the fields by going to their record from the “Employees” option on the main menu and selecting the “Edit Details” button to access their permissions.

In the “Login and Access” panel at the bottom of the form, check the “Can access applicant protected fields” option in the list of Recruitment permissions and submit the form. This user will now have access to the protected fields when viewing or editing applicant records.

Note: If you have give the user access to hire/reject applicants, the protected field values will be shown during the hiring process. This is a requirement of setting up the new employee record.

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