How do I add a sickness incidence alert?

To add a Sickness Incidence Alert, go to the administration area from the “Administration” section on the main menu, then select “Sickness Incidence Alerts” from the “Absence/Sickness Administration” panel. When the list of alerts is shown, click on the “Add New Alert” link at the top of the page to create a new alert.

When the Add Alert page is shown, enter a short title and description for the alert. The title is used to generate the dashboard and email alerts from the system, so ensure it is descriptive enough to be understood when the alert is raised.

Next enter either the total number of sickness absences that should trigger the alert or, if the alert is based on total sickness duration, check the box marked “Duration based?” and enter the total number of days or hours that will trigger the alert. It’s best practice to enter values for both days and hours as some employees may be tracking sickness in days while others are tracking in hours.

Finally, enter the period to check by entering a numeric value in the first text box and selecting the period type in the second – so to check over the last three months, enter “3” in the text box and select “Months” from the dropdown list. When a sickness absence is record, the system will look back from the date of the absence over the selected period, so in this instance looking back 3 months from the date of the sickness absence.

Finally, click “Add” to save the alert and return to the list of alerts.

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