How do I attach documents to a scheduled training event?

As part of the management of scheduled training events, you can attach files to the event details within the training calendar. If required, these files can also be made visible to employees (for items such as joining instructions or required reading).

To attach a document to a scheduled training event, navigate to the event by clicking on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then selecting “Manage Training Calendar” from the “Training Administration” panel. Finally, click on the “View” button for the event you wish to add a document.

When the event details page is shown, click on the “Add Document(s)” button in the “Documents” panel to open the “Add Documents” page. On this page, enter a friendly name for the document, a description of the document and use the file selector to locate the file on your local file system. Finally, if you want the document to be available to employees from the company training calendar, check the “Visible to Employees” box. Then, click the “Add” button to upload and store the document.

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