What is document generation?

Document generation is used to create employee specific documents based on uploaded document templates. These templates contain tags which are replaced with live employee information in real time at the point the document is created, generating a bespoke document for an employee.

Document templates should be created using a standard tagging convention of putting square brackets [] around the sections of the document that you wish to be replaced with employee data. For example, a letter might begin with:


Then, when generated, the system will replace the [FIRSTNAME] tag with the first name on file for the employee.

You can also map fields against custom information, which is entered directly at the point the document is generated. For example, when generating a disciplinary letter, you may have a sentence that says something like:

“This letter is confirmation of your [NUMBER] [WARNING TYPE] warning.”

By mapping the [NUMBER] and [WARNING TYPE] tags to custom information, it is then possible to generate a document and enter information into the generation screen so the final letter reads:

“This letter is confirmation of your first written warning.”

Documents can be generated directly against employee records, as part of disciplinary cases and for applicants in the recruitment section. The available fields to map against will be different depending on the type of template being generated.

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