How do I change the way holiday allocations are rounded?

By default, SMB will round holiday allocations up to the nearest half day. However, in some cases clients may wish to round to smaller or larger increments. To change the way allocations are calculated, click on the “Administration” option on the main menu, then select “Absence Calculation and Rounding Settings” from the “Absence/Sickness Administration” panel.

On the page shown, adjust the fraction size and rounding method to use from the dropdown lists in the “Absence Allocation Rounding” section and click “Save Changes” to update the methods used.

Note: If you wish to go back and update the allocations for all employees with the new method, select “Maintenance: Recalculate Allocations” from the “Absence/Sickness Administration” panel to force the system to recalculate the allocations for all employees.

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