What are Bradford Factor Alerts?

Bradford Factor Alerts are automated alerts that are sent to all administrators for a particular individual when their Bradford Factor rating reaches a specified level. You may set as many Bradford Factor triggers as you wish, each with their own custom message to suggest the next suitable course of action.

To add an alert to the system, open the Administration section from the main menu, then select Bradford Factor Alerts from the Holiday and Absence panel.

On the page that’s shown, you may edit or delete existing alerts from the list by clicking the relevant button, or add a new alert by clicking on the Add New Alert link at the top of the page.

When the form is shown, enter the Bradford Factor trigger level in the Level text box, enter a short title for the alert in the Title box and enter a message to be sent to administrators in the Alert Message box, then click the “Add” button to save the alert.

Once saved, any time a recorded employee sickness absence increases their Bradford Factor rating above an entered trigger level, an alert is raised in the system and an email sent to all administrators for the employee. These alerts are only sent when an employee’s Bradford Factor rating crosses an entered trigger, not for each subsequent absence recorded – unless a subsequent absence causes the employee to cross another trigger level set in a different alert.

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