How do I assign an appraisal template document to an employee?

To assign a template document to an employee, select the “Employees” link from the main menu, then navigate to the employee whom you wish to manage.

Select the “View” button alongside the relevant employee and, when you are shown the View Employee page, open the Employee Menu by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the menu and select the “Performance” option.

Next, either click on the “Add New Appraisal” link at the top of the page to start a brand new appraisal or click on the “View” button alongside the existing appraisal record you wish to assign the document to.

When the appraisal details are shown, click on the “Add New Appraisal Form” to create a new appraisal form request. On this page, enter a title for the appraisal, notes/instructions to employee’s receiving a request to respond.

Then, select “Document Template” from the “Form Type” dropdown list and select the appraisal template document to use from the “Document” list.

Next, select the users to send the appraisal form to by selecting their name from the “Send To” dropdown list and clicking the “Add” button. Users can be removed from the list by clicking the “X” alongside their name.

Note: Only employees with access to the system can be added to the list.

Next, select whether the appraisal should be anonymous (employee names will not be shown alongside their responses) and enter a date by which all responses should be received.

If you would like the recipient of this form to be able to review responses made against other forms in this appraisal, check the boxes alongside the responses you would like them to be able to see. This would be used, for example, where a line manager is also completing a form as part of an appraisal and you would like them to be able to view and comment on responses given by the employee.

Finally click “Save and Issue” to store the appraisal and send requests to the selected employees. If you don’t wish to send the appraisal at this stage, you can click “Save” to store the appraisal for issuing at a later date.

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