How do I change an employee's holiday year?

By default, your SMB account will only contain one Holiday Period Schedule, and all employees will run to the same holiday year. However, by creating additional schedules, you are able to allow employees to have holiday periods that end at different times.

There are two ways to set the holiday schedule for an employee:

Firstly, when adding an employee the system will show you a dropdown list where you can select the required schedule. This option is only available when you have more than one Holiday Period Schedule defined.

Secondly, you can change the schedule for an existing employee by navigating to their record from the Employees option on the main menu, then clicking the "Settings" button on the Employee Dashboard in the "Absence Allocation" panel. A text block at the top of the page will provide the details for the current schedule. To change the schedule, click on the "Change Holiday Period Schedule' button. On the form shown, you can select the new schedule to assign.

Two important things to note:
- Any manual changes made to the employee's absence allocation will be lost if the schedule is changed and will need to be re-applied once the schedule has been updated.
- If the employee already has absence records, then you will need to ensure that holiday periods have been defined in the schedule to cover the dates of those absences. The system will not allow you to change the schedule if the required periods have not been created.

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