How can I turn off menu options?

SMB dynamically generates the left-hand main menu based upon the permissions assigned to the currently logged in user, as well as the items that are in use on their account. For example, if an employee does not have any documents in their account that are visible to them, the “My Documents” link will not be shown.
However, there may be certain times when you wish to completely hide functionality from end users. To do this, you can use the Menu Links option in the administration section to override the automatic generation of links and turn off access to areas of the system you would rather not show – such as the Company Directory or Recruitment modules.

To do this, go the Administration section from the main menu and select “Menu Options” from the “Communications” panel. On the page that is shown, you may simply select or deselect the options you wish to have available to employees and click “Save Changes” to update the system.

Note: There are certain options, such as “Dashboard” and “Administration” that cannot be turned off.

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