How do I edit a blackout period?

To edit an existing blackout period, open the Administration section and select “Blackout Periods” from the “Holiday and Absence” panel.
Then, use the “Edit” button alongside the period you wish to amend.

When the form is displayed, you may update the title of  the period (this will be displayed to employees on their absence calendar) and the start and end dates for the period.

If you wish the blackout to be mandatory – which means employees will be prevented from submitting requests that fall within this period, check the “Is Mandatory” checkbox, otherwise leave it blank and employees will be discouraged from submitting requests that fall within this period, but will still be able to generate a request for discretionary approval.

Finally, select the Locations, Departments and/or Teams the period should be applied to and click the “Update Blackout Period” button to store your changes.

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