How can I edit sickness allocation amounts and tracking methods?

If you wish to change the way an employee’s sickness allocation is tracked in the system, first navigate to the employee’s record from the Employees option on the main menu, then open the large Employee Menu at the top of the page and select “Absences”.

When the absence centre opens, click on the “View Sickness Allocation” link at the top of the page. Then, in the “Update Allocation” panel, use the "Allocation Period" dropdown to change whether the allocation is set by employment year or calendar year and the “Duration To Check” dropdown list to select the method of tracking you wish to use.

In the fields below, you can use the set of text fields to define up to five rules to determine the level of sickness to be tracked before an alert is raised. Each rule comprises a start year, an end year and the number of hours or days the employee can take as sickness absence before an alert is raised (this value is pro-rated for part time employees in line with their working hour pattern). For example, if an employee will always receive 30 days sickness before the trigger is raised regardless of the number of years' employment they have, you would enter 0 in the first field, 0 in the second field and 30 in the 'Days' field. If the employee were to receive 20 days sickness for the first three years of employment, then 30 days thereafter, you would have two rules; one that runs from 0 (the start of employment) to 3 (the third anniversary), set to 20 days, then a second rule running from 4 to 0 (the end of employment), set to 30 days.

Finally click on the “Save” button to store the changes.

You can confirm that the change has been applied by then clicking on the “View Employee” link at the top of the page to return to the employee’s dashboard. The “Sickness Allocation” value in the “Absence Allocation” panel will display the current tracking information.

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