How do I set Allocation Calculation Rules for an employee?

Allocation Calculation Rules – those that determine how the first year allocation for an employee should be calculated – can be set when adding an employee by selecting the required options from the Add Employee form.

However, if you wish to change the rules for an individual employee after you have created their account, this can be done simply from their Absence Allocation page.

Navigate to the employee’s record from the “Employees” option on the main menu and then, when on their dashboard, click on the “View/Edit Allocation” button in the “Absence Allocation” panel.

On the page that is then shown, you will see three options at the top of the page and a summary of the current Allocation Schedule, the method of tracking absences and the current Allocation Rule. Click on the “Edit Allocation Rule” button and a form will be displayed where you can amend the settings for the employee.

Select the desired settings and click “Update Rules” to apply the new rules to the employee and recalculate their absence allocation.

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