How do I manage the absence allocation for an employee on a fixed length contract?

If you have employees on a fixed length contract and want to ensure they have the correct absence allocation for their employment term, you can do this by first adding the employee to the system with their contract start date as their employment start date and their absence allocation set to the full time equivalent allocation. Then, once the record is created, you must then create a leaving record for them.

To record that an employee is leaving select the “Employees” link from the main menu, then navigate to the employee whom you wish to manage. Select the “View” button alongside the relevant employee and, when you are shown the View Employee page, open the Employee Menu by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the menu and select the “Leaving” option.

On the page that then displays, select a reason for the employee leaving and the date the employee is leaving and any final notes against the employee’s record. Finally, click “Save” to store the changes.

The system will then automatically recalculate the holiday allocation for the periods between the employees start date and end date. If the contract runs over two holiday periods, you may also want to create an allocation schedule to ensure that any unused leave from the first period is automatically carried over to the second period.


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