How can I edit the working hours for an employee for a specific day?

In SMB, you can amend the scheduled working time for an employee at any time, allowing you to record any variance from their standard working hour pattern – for example, if you wish to record that an employee has to change their working shift temporarily but not change their holiday allocation.

To do this, navigate to the employee’s record from the “Employees” option on the main menu, open the large Employee menu and select “Working Hours”, then “Timesheets” to access the employee’s current schedule.

To edit the hours for a particular day, either click on the day you wish to edit or click on the “Add/Edit Timesheet Record” link at the top of the page.

When the form opens, enter the updated start and end times for the employee and click the “Update” button to store the changes.

If you wish to record that the employee is not working at all on the selected date (for example, if someone is going to work on a weekend but not a Monday for a specific week), leave the shift times as 00:00 and check the box at the bottom of the form marked “Is a non-working day”.

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