How can I setup a Working Hour Pattern that last longer than a week

If you have employees who work a specified number of hours a week, but their working pattern changes each week, or they work a longer working pattern (for example, a pattern that repeats every four weeks), you can use the Timesheet Pattern import tool to describe this.

The first thing to do is to set the employee up with a standard working hour pattern that describes the number of hours and the full time holiday allocation the employee would receive. This will set the system correctly for the employee and ensure they have the correct holiday allocation for the holiday period.

Next, you would use the Timesheet Pattern Import tool to overwrite the existing schedule created by the working hour pattern with a new repeating pattern. This will ensure that the employee’s working schedule is correct and that absences are correctly calculated based on the timesheet working hours rather than those set by the working hour pattern.

To find out more about importing timesheet patterns, look for “how to import a timesheet pattern” in this knowledge base.


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