How do I assign a document to an employee for signing?

If you have a document that you wish to capture a "read and understood" signature, there are two ways to assign this to employees.

The first, automatic, way is to add the document as a policy in the Administration>Policies area and use the "Must sign" checkbox to define the groups of employees who must mark the document as signed.

The second option allows you to assign the policy document manually to an individual employee. Click on the "Employees" link on the main menu and navigate to the employee you wish to assign the document to, open the large Employee Menu at the top of the page and select the "Documents" option.

On the page that is displayed, select the "Policies" link at the top of the page and click on the "Assign Policy For Signing" link. This will then present a form where you can select the policy from the policy library that you wish to assign to the employee and specify the date you wish the document to be signed by. Clicking the "Add Policy" button assigns the document to the employee and sends them a notification alert.

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