How can I create a custom report

To create a custom report, click on the "Reports" link on the main menu, then click on the "Add A Custom Report" option in the "Custom Reports" panel.

On the form that is displayed, enter a name and description for the report. The "Visible To" dropdown allows you to specify whether the report is only for you, or whether other report users can run this report. Only the report creator can edit or delete the report.

Beneath that, use the "Add Filter" dropdown list to select the columns you wish to use as the report criteria. Select a column and click the "Add Filter" button to add the criteria to the Report Filter table. Once a filter criteria has been added, you can either specify the criteria to report against or, by checking the "User Selected" box, designate that this filter should be displayed to the person running the report to allow them to tailor the report output at the point the report is run.

For example, for a report that only shows the male employees of the company, you would select the "Gender" column from the dropdown list and then, once added to the table, select the "Male" option from the values list, leaving the "User Selected" box unchecked. This report will only ever show the male employees.

However, if you would like to have a more flexible report, where the end user can decide if they would like to view either male or female employees, you would check the "User Selected" box. Now, when the report is run, the page will present a Gender filter at the top of the report for the user generating the report.

Once you have setup your report filters, scroll down the page and select the fields you wish to include in the report by selecting the required checkboxes and finally click the "Add Report" button to create the report.

Once created, the report will be shown on the Reports page in the "Custom Reports" area, where you can run it with a single click.


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