How do I set which emails I wish to receive?

SMB provides HR administrators with two key email notification functions - daily digest emails, which provide a breakdown of tasks and alerts for the day ahead, and live request emails, which let you know, in real time, when employee's have made requests in the system. You can select which messages you wish to receive by opening the "Settings" dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the screen (where your name is displayed) and selecting "My Settings".

If you wish to turn off the daily digest email, select the option from the "Receive Daily Digest" dropdown menu and select "Update Settings". You can change it back in the same way.

To reduce the number of live alert emails, by specifying which groups of employees you wish to be notified by, click on the "Alert Email Settings" button. The page that is then displayed presents you with a full list of employee groups that you currently have permission to approve requests for. By checking/unchecking groups, you can set which groups will email you in real time. This is useful when you have a HR administrator who has oversight of the entire business as well as local managers who have responsibility for approving requests.

When you have selected the groups you wish, click on the "Save Changes" button to store the updated changes.


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