How do I add an employee?

To add a new employee to the system, select the “Employees” option on the main menu, then click on the “Add New Employee” link at the top of the page.

When the form appears, enter as much information as you can. As a minimum, you’ll need to provide the employee’s name, job title, business email address, start date, starting salary and annual holiday allowance.

If you wish to assign an alert schedule to the new employee, select the required schedule from the "Alerts Schedule" dropdown list. If you wish to be reminded to complete new hire checks against this new employee, then ensure you check the "Set New Hire Alerts" checkbox.

If required, you may also provide a login for the employee by checking the box marked “Enable login” and providing a username for the employee. Select the level of access you wish to give them from the dropdown menus and finally click “Add” to create the new employee record.

If you have enabled the login option for the employee, they will receive an email with login details to their registered business email address.

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