How do I create a new appraisal template?

To add a new template to the system, select the “Administration” option from the main menu, then select the “Manage Appraisal Templates” option, then finally click on the “Add New Template” link at the top of the page.

On the form, shown, enter a descriptive title for the new template and select the number of stages you wish the template to have. If the form is to be used for single-user feedback, then select “1” from the dropdown list. If the form is to be routed through two or more employees, then select the number of stages based on the number of steps you want to form to pass through. Once chosen, click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the template editing page.

You will then be shown an empty form template, so the next step is to start adding elements to the form. The form is constructed as a ladder, with one element beneath the next. Elements can be re-orded once added so don’t worry if you make a mistage at this stage.

To add an element, click on the “Add Element” button at the bottom of the form. When the “Add Appraisal Element” form is shown, start by selecting the type of element you want to add:

  • Heading: A large block heading, used to break up the form
  • Display Text: Any instruction or other descriptive text you want to display to the employee
  • Text Entry Box: A large textbox to capture a response from the employee
  • Yes/No Question: A dropdown list where the employee can select “Yes” or “No”
  • True/False Question: A dropdown list where the employee can select “True” or “False”
  • Multiple Choice: Single Answer: A custom dropdown list where the employee can select a single option
  • Multiple Choice: Multiple Answers: A list of checkboxes where the employee can select multiple options
  • Scale: A user defined scale between two values (for example, 1 to 10) where the user can select a single option

Once you have selected the type of element you want to add, you may see additional options (for example a list of text boxes where you can enter the values to be displayed in a dropdown list).

The next step is to enter the text that is shown on-screen alongside the form element in the “Text” textbox.

Finally, if the form is a multi-stage form, you can select whether the element should be shown for each stage and whether it is visible and/or editable at each stage.

  • Not shown: The element is completely hidden for the stage
  • Visible: The element is shown, along with any previously entered values, but cannot be amended on the stage
  • Editable: The element is shown with the previously entered values and can be edited or updated on the stage

Finally, clicking “Add” returns you to the “View Appraisal Template” page. As you continue to build up the form, a preview of the complete form is shown on screen, with a column for each stage showing how each element is treated.

You may rearrange any of the elements on the form by using the “Move Up” button to move an element up through the ladder or the “Move Down” button to move the element down the ladder as needed. You can also edit any element by clicking on the “Edit” button alongside the element.

If you want to see how the form will be displayed to end users, click the “Done” button to return to the list of Appraisal Templates, then click on the “Preview” button alongside the new template. On the form shown you can cycle through the different stages of the form to confirm that everything is set as you require.

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