What are appraisal templates?

Appraisal templates allow you to define multiple questionnaire designs to be used when issuing appraisals. A template consists of a series of questions and other display elements which are presented to the end user as s single web form.

Templates may include headings and text blocks as well as a range of question types to provide variety to the end user.

Templates fall into two main types – single stage forms and multi-stage forms. A single stage form is a form that is delivered in its entirety to a single employee to complete (or to multiple employees concurrently if requesting group feedback). A multi-stage form is a form that is sent to multiple employees consecutively, with different parts of the form being visible and/or editable for each employee – for example, a review form where the employee is shown a short series of questions to capture their responses, which is then sent to their line manager to review, with the line manager being shown additional fields in which they can record their responses to the employee feedback.

Note: You will not be able to create an end employee appraisal unless you have at least one template defined.

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