How do I add a check to a checklist?

To add a new check, select “Administration” from the main menu, then select the “Checklists” option. Then click the Edit button for the checklist you wish to edit and then select the “Add A Check” link at the top of the page.

On the page that is displayed, enter a name for the check and a short description if required. If you would like to be reminded to complete a check when hiring a new employee, check the "Alert" checkbox and enter the number of days after the start date of the assigned checklist that you would like to be reminded to complete this check.

Note: if the check has been completed already, then the system will not alert you to complete the check.
If you wish to add a check to be performed by the employee rather than an administrator, click on the “Employee Task” checkbox and select the type of task you wish the employee to complete:

  • Standard Check
    This is a simple check that contains a description of information or an activity you want the employee to complete and mark as having done.
  • Update Personal Details
    This check contains a link to the employee’s “My Details” page, where they can directly update their personal details
  • Update Emergency Contacts
    This check contains a link to the employee’s “Dependents” page, where they can check and update their next-of-kin information.
  • Document Request
    This check requires the employee to upload a document to the system from within the check. The employee will not be able to complete the check without uploading a file.

Finally, click “Add” to add the check to the checklist.

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