How do I edit a notice?

To edit a notice, select “Administration” from the main menu, then select the “Noticeboard” option. On the page that is displayed, you may edit a note by clicking on the “Edit” button alongside the notice you wish to edit.

On the form that is presented, you may update the title for the notice and notice content in the large editor window.

Beneath that, you may update the issue and expiry date for the notice. The notice will only be visible to employees during those dates.

If you would like employees affected by this notice to be informed by email that a new notice has gone live, check the "Email Notify" checkbox at the bottom of the page. If the notice is to go live immediately, then employees will be emailed immediately. Otherwise, they will be emailed on the day the notice goes live.

Finally, select the locations and/or departments to show the notice to, or select “All locations” or “All Divisions/Departments” to show the message to everyone and click “Update” to store changes to the notice.

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