How do I record benefits or deductions against an employee’s record?

To add a recurring benefit or deduction payment to an employee’s record, select the “Employees” link from the main menu, then navigate to the employee whom you wish to manage. Select the “View” button alongside the relevant employee and, when you are shown the View Employee page, open the Employee Menu by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the menu and select the “Money” option.

On the remuneration page, select the “Add New Benefit/Deduction” link to add a new payment, and enter the details of the payment. Select whether this is a payment to the employee (a benefit) or something to be taken from the employee (a deduction) and whether that payment is taken before or after tax as part of the payroll process. Enter a start date and frequency for the payment as well as an amount and, if known, the end date for the benefit or deduction before clicking “Add” to save the details.

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