How do I store an employee’s work permit or visa information?

To store time sensitive right-to-work documents against an employee’s record, select the “Employees” link from the main menu, then navigate to the employee whom you wish to manage. Select the “View” button alongside the relevant employee and, when you are shown the View Employee page, open the Employee Menu by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the menu and select the “Right To Work” option.

On the Right To Work page, you may add work permit, visa and passport records against an employee. Each record is stored with an issue date and expiry date, as well as fields to store notes and reference numbers. If required, you may also store a scanned copy of the document with each record.

The reason to store documents like this here rather than in the main documents area is that when these documents expire, you are alerted by the My Alerts system, helping you stay in compliance with employment law where necessary.

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