How do I set an employee’s salary?

To update an employee’s salary, select the “Employees” link from the main menu, then navigate to the employee whom you wish to manage. Select the “View” button alongside the relevant employee and, when you are shown the View Employee page,  select the “Pay/Benefits” option.

If you simply want to edit the details of the employee’s current salary (for example, add notes to the salary record or amend the payment amount if the current one is incorrect), select the “Edit” button for the current salary and update the details before clicking “Update” to save the changes.

If the employee has a new salary, then click on the “Add New Salary Record” link at the top of the page and enter the details for the new salary. If this is the employee’s current salary, then only enter a start date for the new salary and check the box marked “Is Current Salary”. The previous salary will be closed off with an end date to match the start date of this new record.

If you are adding a prior salary record, in order to manage a full history, then enter the details of the salary with the start and end dates for the salary, but leave the checkbox unchecked.

When adding or editing a salary, the system can also calculate the estimated full time salary for the employee as well as the FTE equivalent salary. The estimated salary is calculated by multiplying the value entered against the pay frequency option selected. For example, if the record is set as £2000 per month, then the system will calculate the estimated salary as £2000 x 12 month = £24,000.

The FTE equivalent salary is based on the employee’s FTE working time, and is a measure of what a part-time employee would be paid if they were a full time employee. For example, an employee who is paid £15,000 a year working 2.5 days a week, with an FTE hours value of 0.5, would result in an FTE salary of £30,000. The FTE salary is based on the start date of the salary record, so for employees who working time has changed during a subsequent year, we would recommend creating a new salary record to tie in with the change in hours to ensure the FTE salary values are calculated correctly.

Note: Records cannot overlap. If the dates you have selected overlap any currently defined salary records then the system will show a dialog box detailing any changes that will be made to existing records to accommodate the new entry.

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