How do I delete an employee?

If you have created an employee record in error, or wish to remove an employee’s record from the system completely, then the record can be deleted.

IMPORTANT: When an employee record is deleted, all record of that employee is removed from the system. This process cannot be undone. If you wish to retain the employee’s information for future reporting, then we recommend you use the “Leaving Employee” option instead.

To delete an employee’s record, select the “Employees” option from the main menu, navigate to the employee you wish to delete and click the “View” button alongside the relevant employee.

When the “View Employee” page appears, click on the arrow on the Employee Menu to view all employee options and select the “Delete” option.

A warning page is shown, explaining that the employee’s record is about to be deleted completely from the system.

If you are happy to proceed, type the employee's surname in the box shown on screen to confirm deletion and then click on the “Delete Employee” button at the bottom of the page. The employee's record will then be purged from the system.

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