How do I create a process?

To add a new process, select the “Administration” option from the main menu, then select “HR Processes” from the Administration page. Click on the “Add New Process” link at the top of the page to create the new process.

Enter the title of the process and a description of the process to aid other users and click “Add” to create the empty process.

On the page that is displayed, you are shown an empty process. Click the “Add First Stage” button to create the first task of the process.

On the “Stage Details” form, enter a title for the new task, a description of the task to be performed, a label for the button shown at the start of the process and a number of days to delay the task from the start of the process. Leaving this as zero will schedule the task to happen as soon as the process is started.

Once the first stage has been created, you may add child tasks to it and any other stages by clicking on the “Add Stage” button for a task. This will create a child of the selected task, which will be displayed as the next task in the selected sequence.  When the “Stage Details” form is shown, enter the details of the task as before and enter a title for the Button Label. This is the label that will be shown on the “Next Step” button to the end user when the task is being executed. As a task may have multiple children, it is important that this label is clear and describes what this task will entail.

When you have finished adding stages, click “Update” to store the new process.

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