How do I add a task to a vacancy/applicant?

To add a task to a vacancy or applicant, first select the “Recruitment” option from the main menu. To add a task to a vacancy, click the “View” button alongside the vacancy you wish to manage and click on the “Add Task” button in the “Tasks/Alerts” panel. On the form that is shown, you may enter a title and description of the task, enter the start and end date and time, select the type of task (either a standard task or custom recruitment task) and, if required, select the applicant to relate the task to and the administrator to assign the task to before clicking “Add” to add the task.

To add a task to an applicant, you may also click the “Applicants” option from the “Vacancy Tools” menu, click the “View” button alongside the applicant to whom you want to relate the task and click the “Add Task” button from the “View Applicant” page.

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