How do I bulk import employees?

The SMB platform allows for employees to be imported in bulk from a spreadsheet. To do this, select “Administration” from the main menu, then select the “Import Employees” option. On the page that then displays, you may download a template spreadsheet file to populate and, if you have completed the spreadsheet, a file upload control to import the spreadsheet from your computer.

When completing the spreadsheet, there are a few things to note:

  • - The header rows at the top of the spreadsheet must be left in place, as the system will start importing from the fifth row
  • - Do not add or delete any columns from the spreadsheet
  • - Only columns with bold headers need to be completed
  • - The "Working Hours" column requires a name of a defined working hour pattern in your instance, found in Administration > Working Hours. This column is case sensitive
  • - The "Public Holidays" column requires a name of an existing public holiday schedule in your system found in Administration > Public Holidays. This column is case sensitive.
  • - The "Holiday Period Schedule" column requires a name for a defined holiday period schedule in your system, found in Administration > Holiday Periods. This column is case sensitive
  • - The "Salary" column is a required field, but you can enter a zero in this column if you don't have/don't want to include this information
  • If the spreadsheet references divisions, departments or locations that don’t exist, these will also be created as part of the import process.

Once you have selected the file and clicked “Import Employees”, the system will check the spreadsheet for any errors and will then provide a short report of the employees that are going to be imported. If any errors are found, these will identify the row number and column where the issue has been found. You will need to correct this and re-import the file to continue.

Finally, click “Accept and import the users” to add the users to the system.

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