Exporting information to Sage 50 Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll has the ability to import a set of defined CSV files to enable synchronisation of key employee information. Within the SMB reports module, you are able to generate any of the defined Sage templates quickly and easily.

The Sage templates do have four required columns which are not standard in SMB, so in order to be able to export the full range of information to Sage, you will need to add custom fields to the employee record first. The fields are:

  • Employee Reference: A Sage reference code to identify the unique employee record
  • Marital Status: A record of the marital status of the employee
  • NI Category: The category of NI number used by the employee
  • Payment Frequency: The frequency with which the employee is paid.

To add these fields, click on the Administration option on the main menu, then select “Employee Custom Fields” from the “Employee Information” panel and use the controls on that page to add the fields to the employee records.

Once added, you can run the Sage extract by clicking on the Reports option on the main menu and selecting the “Sage 50 Payroll Export” report from the “Pay/Benefits Reports” panel.

On the page shown, use the four dropdown lists to select the custom fields you have created, select the type of Sage report you wish to generate and the format you wish to download in and click on the “Save as Spreadsheet” button to generate the file for import into Sage 50 Payroll.

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