Setting up automatic approvals

SMB allows for certain absence approval requests to be automatically approved if they fit specified criteria. This function reduces the workload for administrator and approver users, meaning they don’t need to approve every single request.

Absence requests can be automatically approved if they meet the following criteria:

  • If they are requested with a specified amount of notice
  • If the absence is shorter than a specified duration
  • If the employee would not be breaching group absence policies or blackout periods
  • If the employee has sufficient holiday allocation

To setup automatic approvals, go to the Administration section on the main menu and select “Absence Approval Settings” from the “Absence/Sickness Administration” panel.

On the form shown, check the box marked “Enable” to turn on automatic approval and set the notice required in days and the maximum length of the absence in days. If required, you can also check the “Notify approvers” checkbox, so that any approver who would normally approve the request receives an alert to let them know that the request has been automatically approved.

In addition to this functionality, approvers and administrators who have approval rights over their own requests may also have their holiday requests automatically approved when there are no second-approver requirements. To enable this feature, check the "Enable "checkbox in the Automatic Self Approval panel before submitting the form.

Finally click on the “Save Changes” button to store your changes.

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