How do I update an employee’s holiday allocation?

To update an employee’s holiday allocation, navigate to the employee’s record from the Employees option on the main menu, then click on the “View/Edit Allocation” button on their dashboard.

The Edit Allocation page is then shown. At the top of the page is a breakdown of how the allocation has been calculated (or the value set if the allocation has been set manually). In the calculation shown, you will see exactly how the allocation has been calculated, detailing the percentage of the year the employee is working, the working hour pattern that covers the period, the holiday percentage used to pro-rate the allocation value and the impact of public holidays on that stage of the calculation. If the employee has multiple working hour patterns assigned during the year, there will be multiple calculation explanations shown detailing each working hour pattern.

Beneath each pattern, you will see options to amend the key details used for calculating the allocation, which are:

  • The holiday percentage set by the working hour pattern
  • Whether the allocation should include public holidays, or whether they should be ignored
  • The public holiday schedule assigned to the employee for this period

You will also see a checkbox whether you can select to update the existing Working Hour pattern with any changes made, or create a copy of the pattern and assign that to the employee. If the pattern is assigned to multiple employees, then checking the box to update the existing record means that all employees with that pattern assigned will be updated, whereas leaving this unchecked means that a new copy of the pattern will be created, updated and then assigned to this employee.

Beneath the calculations are the base options to set the employee’s allocation:

  • Holiday Allocation: This is the allocation the employee would receive if they were full time and worked the entire holiday year. The system uses the employee’s start and leaving date to pro-rata this allocation if required, and then uses the Holiday Percentage value set against the employee’s working hour pattern to calculate the final allocation.
  • Manual Adjustment: This field allows you to make direct adjustments to the calculated value, adding or removing days/hours as needed. This value is not pro-rated.
  • In-Lieu: This value allows an administrator to make a direct adjustment to the calculated allocation and is not pro-rated.
  • Carried Forward: This field contains the current value of any holiday allocation carried forward from the previous year along with the expiry date for the carried over allocation. This value is not pro-rated for the employee, regardless of start date or working hour pattern.

Adjusting the base Holiday Allocation value will allow the system to automatically recalculate the allocation based on the employee’s working time and start/leaving date, while adjusting the in-lieu or Carried Forward values will directly amend the final calculated total.

If required, you may manually set the allocation for an employee by checking the “Override” checkbox at the bottom of the form and entering the manual value for the allocation.

Note: Manually overriding the allocation will mean that any calculated element of the allocation, such as bank holidays, will no longer be part of the allocation total and will need to be treated as manual absences.

Finally, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the form to save the change.

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