What is Minimum Wage Monitoring?

SMB allows you to optionally check your salary and pay levels against the UK minimum and living wage requirements. When activate on your account, the system will warn you if an employee is currently paid below legal requirements and/or if they will be below minimum wage as of their next birthday.

To activate minimum wage monitoring, go to the “Administration” option on the main menu and then select “Minimum Wage Monitoring”. On the form shown, simply select whether you wish to monitor salaries or not and submit the form to update your settings. The change is effective immediately.

Once activated, you will find three new options in the Add Employee and Edit Employee pages. The first two allow you to specify whether the employee is an apprentice and set the date their apprenticeship started. This allows the system to calculate against apprenticeship minimum wage for the first year of the employee’s apprenticeship period.

The third option allows you to “opt out” minimum wage monitoring for the selected employee – for example, if they are an overseas employee or a self-employed individual who you would not be responsible for covering minimum wage.

When active, if an employee’s level of pay is below UK minimum wage/living wage requirements, you will see a warning box on the employee dashboard detailing whether they are currently below minimum wage requirements or will be as of their next birthday.

You will also see an information panel on the “Pay/Benefits” page which details their current hourly rate vs. the minimum wage level for their age/apprenticeship status, as well as details of their projected hourly rate and minimum wage level as of their next birthday.

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