How can I request a signature from an employee on a document?

SMB allows for documents stored within an employee’s record to be electronically signed within the platform. In practice, this means that the employee is prompted to read a document, then draw their signature on screen with their mouse, or using a finger/stylus if using a touch-screen device. Once the signature is captured, SMB will then generate a PDF copy of the document, with the details of the signature watermarked at the top of each page and an additional signature page at the end of the document containing the details of the signature and the signature image itself.

To request a signature from an employee, navigate to their record from the “Employees” option on the main menu, then select “Documents” from the large employee menu at the top of the page.

In the list of documents shown, click on the “Request Signature” button alongside the document you wish the employee to sign. Note: This functionality will only work with Microsoft Word .DOCX and Adobe Acrobat .PDF files. Any other documents will not have a “Request Signature” button available).

On the form shown, you can select the date you would like the document to be signed by and enter any additional information or instruction for the employee in the “Comments/Instruction” box. If you require the employee to download and edit the document before signing (for example, filling in their home address in a contract document), checking the “Editable” checkbox will allow them to download the document, update it and upload it back into the system before signing.

If you require a second signature from another user on the document, check the “Second Signature” checkbox and select the employee who needs to countersign the document. This will send the document to the selected employee once the original employee has signed. You may also enter any additional information or instructions for the second signatory and specify how long they have to sign (in days) after the document has been assigned to them.

The final option allows you define what happens to the document once it has been signed. The available options allow you to add the signed document to the employee’s library while retaining the original file, or overwriting the original file with the signed document.

Finally, click “Submit Request” to issue the document for signing. An alert will then be sent to the employee with details of the signing request.

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