How do I sign a company policy?

If a company policy has been assigned to you for signing, you can do this by clicking on the “Policies” option on the main menu. The first page shown will be a list of documents awaiting signature, with a “Click Here To Sign” button beneath each one. Click on the “Sign” button for the document you wish to sign.

On the page shown, first click on the “Download Document” button to download and read a copy of the policy (you won’t be able to sign the policy until you have done this). Then, depending on how the policy has been setup, you will either be shown a checkbox to tick, or a “Sign” panel to record your signature.

Check the box or, in the “Sign” box, use your mouse (or finger/stylus if using a touchscreen) to draw your signature and finally click “Sign Policy” to complete the signing process.

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